Smarten up drivers

Every so often there is a reader’s letter or a news article in the media that “deals” with traffic accidents and road conditions.

I am getting sick and tired of reading those comments that put the blame on everything and everybody, but themselves. I am on our roads on a daily base and when I say “ours”, that means just about all of Canada and the US as well.

It is possible that accidents “happen”, however, over 90 % of them are “caused”!

If a road is narrow and winding, slow down! If a road is slippery, slow down! If you’re too close, back off! If the intersection is not clear, don’t turn! There are rules out there, stick to them!

What I see on the roads in Kelowna alone is enough to provide all the money the City would need for a year if fines could be handed out.

I really don’t know what it takes for certain driver’s to smarten up.

Roger von Dach

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