Bridge Hill construction

Dear Sir;

I heard on the radio the other day that the RCMP have issued 159 speeding tickets for people who are speeding through the construction zone on Bridge Hill.

The question I have is this, “WHY IS THIS A CONSTRUCTION ZONE?”  There are no flaggers, no trucks turning and all of the work is being done off the highway. 

There are also two other areas along Highway 97 between West Kelowna and Kelowna where work is being done and yet there are no construction speed zones at these locations.

This speed zone has done nothing but bog down the rush hour commute at both times of the day and with the upcoming hottest temperatures of the year and tourist season fast approaching, this is going to turn into an absolute nightmare.

It is my understanding that all of this construction is being done to enable a hospital and hotel to be built on First Nations land which will probably take a good couple of years or more.  Are we supposed to put up with this speed zone until all of this construction is finished? 

The current construction zone is ridiculous and nothing more than a good way for the government to pad their coffers with the fines being collected.

Helen O'Dell

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