BCTF really?

Well I guess the truth is finally out there. 

It never has been about the students. BCTF’s refusal to take down pickets to help the most vulnerable and in need so they can at least try to get ahead with summer school, even though all along they have been saying 'it’s about the kids', has finally shown their true colours.  

I have yet to understand what makes the BCTF so special, huge wage demands, huge signing bonus demands even when all the other public sector has accepted much less. I personally don’t think the teachers are any better than anyone else. 

Seems to me when I went to school here in BC almost 50 years ago, we had 36 in our classes and we had all kinds of special needs kids, they just didn’t carry a label like the kids of today do,  and our teachers managed to make out just fine.

Signed. Frustrated tax payer

Terry Teite

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