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Memorial Park signs

Many residents and visitors in Penticton have inquired as to the new concrete signs being installed at Veterans Memorial Park in Penticton.

For those Pentictonites that aren’t aware, Veterans Memorial Park is located adjacent to the Penticton Court House (north side) in the 100 block of Main street.

The signs we are in the process of building will eventually resemble cairns and will bear a bronze coloured name plate with the park’s name permanently attached to them.

We (the Veterans Association of Penticton) have been fortunate to have received cooperation from the Province of BC to name, and protect (in-perpetuity), this beautiful consecrated ground.

We have received generous donations from private citizens, also the Royal Canadian Air Force Association (890 Wing), Penticton ANAVETS (Unit 97), Penticton Naval Veterans Association and Royal Canadian Legion (Br 40) in Penticton as well as local Private Corporations, all of which will be recognized for their generosity when the new park signs are completed later this summer.

Alan Kidd
Special Events Coordinator
Veterans Association of Penticton

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