To the speeding truck driver

To the irresponsible driver who speeds down Tomat Ave at all hours of the day - SLOW DOWN! 

You drive an orange truck with the name of a company that starts with SUNSHINE and you drive it so fast I cannot even read your license plate. 

Not smart to speed down a road where 18 kids live within 8 homes and not smart to speed with your company name plastered all over the truck. 

My boys are seven and 11 and every day they play with the kids across the street, on their bikes and on their scooters, like kids should be doing.

We also deliver papers on Tomat Ave 3 days a week and you've sped past them more than once. 

Anyone who has driven across the bridge lately knows the latest construction is for an underpass to connect a new road to Tomat Avenue - GREAT!  More traffic. 

Our current speed bumps are no deterrent to those that choose to take their lives into their own hands and the lives of the innocent kids playing with their friends. 


Lee Anne Baker

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