97 and Spall

Hwy. 97 and Spall intersection is an ongoing traffic safety hazzard.

Your last article about a car fire is another example, it was the result of yet another vehicle crash.

What your story fails to mention is that less than a few hours before, police, EHS, and KFD attended the same intersection for a three vehicle collision. 

It has taken decades for highway departments to install left turn signals for Hwy. 97 (Harvey Ave.) for West and East bound traffic. But the City, who is responsible for Spall Street South and North bound traffic, has yet to add left turn signals.

The problem is not going to go away. How many more crashes and avoidable injuries, or deaths will it take. Yes, it will cost money, but the longer you wait the more the cost, both in property, injury and in legal costs.

Invest in preventable options and over all we will all save.

Bob Charron

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