Teacher's rotating strikes

I would like the public at whole to recognize a few facts,...
1) Way back when,.... The government refused to have a/any "Good Faith" bargaining session(s), in the normal school summer holidays, which would have had NO effect on parents in respect to child care for working parents.
2) or should I refer to this as article 1 section B---by doing so, or in that case,... forcing teachers to take some sort of action DURING a school term.
3) Government tactics,.... if,... Anyone has even half a brain powered up, realize that by shifting the focus onto someone/people/group OTHER THAN THEMSELVES (as per taxpayers dollars), let them (the politicians) continue to rape/pillage the less powerful, and turn public opinion against said party(s).
4)Government never takes financial roll backs for their off hour(s)time, which anyone, again, with half or 1/36 nth of brain power can figure the dollar figure with sadly so much difference, yet are forced down taxpayers mouths/wallets/purses.
5)By government forcing teachers to choose between keeping working or working less, or taking a pay loss, less children will be PROPERLY exposed to quality education,...or to put it in another way,....I told my husband that,....children who aren't given proper, quality education will be the future generation that will either be committing crimes or on welfare rolls, and even in prison! And in emergency wards over stabs wounds or even worse!
6)Short term gains force long time pay outs for taxpayers! Oh, and don't forget that us taxpayers are paying for politicians' personally engraved fancy pens, fine Brazilian desks, high end comfy roll around desk chairs, secretaries, benefits, and the list just goes on and on and on,
And just a big thought, on my part,....in this day and age of technology, why can't politicians just sit in their own homes in their pjs and have conference calls,....I'm guessing that would be a whole hell of a lot cheaper than flying from Victoria or where ever else, to have yelling sessions!
Just some thoughts to take into consideration!

Catherine Knox

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