Letter to Emily

I just wanted to tell Emily to hang in there as best she can!  It's awful that she has to be placed under so much stress at such a young age!  Random people like me do care though and wish her the best and others like her that are going through hard times due to the teacher's strike.

The government really needs to stop messing around and find the funding necessary to implement the changes the teachers need, rather than stockpiling all the cash for the mega millions of perks and lifelong pensions they receive and which are in so many cases undeserved.  

On a side note to Emily, I know we are all continually bombarded by the message that all things caffeine are to be enjoyed and consumed on a regular basis, but if you are consuming caffeine in any form and are suffering from anxiety and resulting depression, you may want to avoid it.  

Some people, myself included, have a zero tolerance for it and the side effects are anxiety, depression, heart palpitations, etc... I spent a lot of wasted, anxiety-ridden years not realizing that some people could have such a reaction to even the smallest traces of caffeine, so thought I would share - If you are like me, it might help your anxiety levels and no more meds required - their side effects are no fun either sometimes I recall!  :)  Take care, my best wishes and good luck to you Emily!

Cynthia Preston
Kelowna, BC

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