Disappointed parent

The time has come to express to teachers how many parents are feeling . We have remained supportive by not engaging our children's teachers in antagonistic conversations.  

We have not pointed fingers at what shenanigans both the Liberals AND the BCTF have pulled. We work very hard to not have our children lose respect for their teachers by not giving them "pat" or "off the cuff" answers to their questions.  

We give our children carefully worded neutral answers only when absolutely necessary because, really, why do we have to drag seven year olds into this mess? But today, my children have come home and told me they have been given answers to their many questions. Answers like "we can't see the whole production of The Wizard of Oz because the government canceled your recess." Or "I can't help you with your Math because the government says I can't." Are you kidding me?! Why are teachers talking to the children like this?!  

Respect for our teachers is quickly evaporating. Can't we just behave respectfully until this is settled?

From a disappointed parent,
Tracey Bye

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