I think people should pull their heads out of their rears and look at all the positives that ecigs produce. My wife has COPD and was near repertory collapse and I have smoked for 38 years. After trying the government's patch, gum and Chantix ideas I turned to juice and the products to deliver it. We have not smoked in over two months since starting this product.

Maybe the fact that ecigs work and will take millions of tax dollars from the coffers that will eventually cause people like "Brett" more tax dollars, while preventing deaths, is more the issue.

Get the facts first. Kids or people in general don't need "gateways" to using substances as they will make those decisions on their own.

Talk to your kids and give them the facts. We all know how the movie "Refer Madness" worked for the USA. Don't cloud the issues with rhetoric. 

Rob McCarroll

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