Are we sheep?

Well, spring is here as we head into the May long weekend, and of course, long weekend gas prices have now arrived, in time to gouge the people who have travel plans (along with anyone else who drives for any reason).

It got me to thinking – it’s really too bad that Canada isn’t an oil producing country. Imagine what it would be like if oil were discovered in Canada , even if it were stuck in sand I’m sure we could extract it. Then we could be like the other oil producing countries where the price of gas is less than US$0.30/litre.

I don’t think our government would be so crass and severely lacking in morals and willpower that they would allow foreign companies to sell our own resources back to us at a premium price, would they? We put them in office to take care of the country, and to allow foreign companies to exploit us using our own resources would be an obvious reason for immediate termination, with no pension either.

Possibly some jail time would also be in order.

We aren’t such apathetic sheeple that we would actually put up with such a situation, are we…?

Don Fletcher

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