Gas gouge

Me thinks the RCMP should stop calling biker gangs “organized crime groups” What is the difference between them and the organized crime group known as Big Oil”?

They rob us blind every chance the get under the pretext of supply and demand. The price of world oil goes down, there is no shortage, but the price at the pump, especially in the Okanagan goes up. Strange it's the same amount at every gas station at the same time. Boy, that is what I call organized.

It’s just plain greed on the part of big oil. Under NAFTA,we should be theoretically paying the same price as our neighbours to the south. I think it’s time our local federal and provincial elected officials did some real work for their constituents, instead of tilting at windmills pretending to earn their salaries and indexed pensions.

This type of gouging only hurts the ones who can ill-afford it.

Karl Gianakos,
West Kelowna.


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