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Closure of our DVA Office Kelowna.
The public is aware of the closure of our DVA office even after the numbers of disabled veterans, over 2200 cases, and a meeting with MP Ron Cannan to re-consider the closure fell on deaf ears.
At the meeting with a high ranking member of PSAC and two professional case workers, one from Regina Sask. and the other from Penticton, I believe Ron Cannan indicated one of the reasons for the closure was the staff at DVA Kelowna was under worked and therefore it was in the best interest of the government to send the 2200 plus disabled veterans to Penticton. 

I personally brought up the subject as to why, if government thought the DVA staff were under worked why did the local Legion have a staff officer to handle the over load of veterans applying for DVA help. There really was no answer.
Now with the closure of 9 DVA offices across Canada, because their staffs were under worked, the Minister of Veterans Affairs has now come out with a program where members of ANAVET, Army Navy Air Force Veterans will receive two days of training so they will be able to handle the many veterans who are applying for help and those who require additional assistance. Government will train personnel to work for free for the government.
This begs the question.  Why are the 2200 plus disabled veterans not speaking out and why are the many hundreds of Veterans who reside in the Kelowna area not incensed with this new government action and the closure of our DVA offices?
Dale Dirks MMM CD Veteran

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