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I just wanted to share a wonderful story and send a huge Thank You to the Rutland Pet Hospital.

On Easter Monday my husband and I found an injured bird outside our apartment building. We attempted to contact the SPCA, Animal Control, etc. but were unsuccessful in reaching anyone due to the stat holiday.

I contacted the Rutland Pet Hospital just hoping they had an emergency number or something else we could try. I was so surprised when the lovely woman working told us immediately to just bring the little bird in. The dedication to animals (even just a little wild bird) is so wonderful to see. Watching this little bird suffer all day would have been heart wrenching for us.

We already take our cat to Rutland Pet Hospital and have always found them to be wonderful, but now I would HIGHLY recommend them to others. Thank you Rutland Pet Hospital for this act of kindness, and for turning our Easter Monday into a lovely day!

Courtney Penner

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