Bikes Vs. Vehicles

As the weather gets more spring-like, the conflicts between bikes and vehicles become more frequent. Today, four of us were cycling down the steep Oyama Road hill when a truck and trailer came around the corner, and forced two of us off the road into the gravel.

The driver clearly did not know his long trailer had not "followed" his truck around the corner, and had nearly crushed two of us. We are experienced cyclists, and there was room for us to get off the road, and move the foot or two over that we needed to get away from the fast-moving trailer. However, in many other circumstances the results could have been fatal for either or both of us. 

My plea to any driver, is to watch out for cyclists, and be respectful and careful, as most of you are. Any "interaction" between a car and a cyclist, has much more serious consequences for the cyclist than the vehicle.

For those driving trucks and trailers, please make sure you know where your trailer is when you round a corner. Especially if you are passing cyclists on a narrow steep road.

Heather Stewart

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