Bear kill letter

Re: Letter from citizens appalled by the bear killing. 

If it was in your backyard, harmed your pets, or even worse, your family, it would be different.

The other side of the coin is this, if the bear population is out of hand they will increase the number of tags by the hundreds and the hunters will take them out later.

Same difference, but a bad situation possibly prevented, so it weighs out slightly on the plus side…  Does that bigger picture help?

That’s life in suburbia, and you are part of the problem also… before you go off at me, I wish it could be different also. I walk in areas and have seen them too close for comfort, but they are not in the yards or garbage yet so we just scare them off.

Sometimes it doesn’t work, so when they are comfortable amongst humans what options remain? 

J. Hintz 

Lake Country

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