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Get off your cell phones

Yesterday I saw three different scenario's where parents were on Cell Phones. First was a dad driving his two daughters to the dentist office in West Kelowna. He was on the phone from Hwy. 97 to the parking lot. I wanted to scream at him, but he never put the window down or got off the phone. His daughters were old enough to know that what dad was doing was wrong, but what 8 or 9 year old is going to give dad crap!

Next only minutes later at the George Pringle playground. A woman with about a 2 year old child could not stop texting. Even though her child kept saying mama,mama. I was there for about 45 minutes. I was in and out (working) and the same situation repeated itself. I wanted to scream!

About 2 hours later I watched a father talking on his cell phone entering the George Pringle gym. His daughter was about ten step's back. I wanted to SCREAM!

To these parents I would like to send a message. When your children grow up they are going to treat you the way you treated them, they are going to ignore you! They have more important things to do than converse with you!

When I grew up my parents were always there, maybe because their was no cell phones or maybe because they knew how to bring up a child! I suspect the latter!

The next time you see someone with children in their car or just walking down the street with children and they are on their cell phone. Do me and the children a favour scream at them! Do not get out of your car, do not approach them, just scream at them! GET OFF YOUR CELL PHONE!!!

Maybe just maybe some of them will clue in!

Jim Van Der Lee

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