Beached over marina

I have recently moved back to the mission and I'm deeply concerned about the marina expansion at Manteo Resort and it's negative and its impact to the utility and enjoyment of Rotary Park.

With the piles now in place it is clear that this project adversely affects both public use of the waters off Rotary Park, a kit boarding and sailing destination and significantly degrade the southern view of the Okanagan Lake. The park is essentially choked by this project at the expense of the citizens of this City and the few access areas they have of the lake. 

Has there been any discussion among the association about this project? Does the association have a position? I fear that most people have become aware of this project as a result of the piles being driven and this was approved with little consideration. This is confirmed in the significant discussion that is occurring on castanet forums.

Time appears to be of the essence. What is the position of the association and might there be an opportunity to meet with the Resort, the approving authority (the province) and council to try to salvage to whatever extent possible the integrity of Rotary Beach.

Robert Stupka, P.Eng. Kelowna

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