Harperbinger of doom

I have heard a lot about how the vets of Canada have been treated and agree with everyone’s comments. 
I also worked here in Canada since I was 16-years-old and paid into my CPP every single year. I’ve never been on Welfare and once I was on Unemployment benefits for 4 weeks.  I became disabled after my many years of working and once I turned 65-years-old suddenly Mr. Harper decided that I was no longer disabled and would no longer receive disability benefits. 
He has not just done this to the vets of Canada – Mr. Harperbinger has done this to every single disabled person in Canada.
My father was a vet and was very proud of this country, but would be rolling in his grave to see what the politicians of this country have done to every single disabled person who ever worked for a living!!  My Canada Pensions payments were discounted by almost $500 once I turned 65 years of age!!
Kerry Kozak

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