Car wash needs to be flushed

Re: Glenmore Car wash

As a very concerned resident of Sandalwood, I would like to express the following concerns.

Exhaust from vehicles who will be lining up near our north fence (my back yard), and a “no idling sign” will be very difficult to police. As I have COPD, and others living in the immediate area also experience health issues, this is a major concern. Several residents are already suffering mental distress over the potential loss of enjoyment of their backyards and patios.

Noise being issued from the vacuums, car wash machinery, idling motors, boom boxes, and normal conversations, will also pollute the air.

Property devaluation: There is no doubt that it will be difficult to sell our homes at fair market value, and compensation will be expected.

The view from our back yards will be of an 11 ft. high wall (suggested by developer) 25-30 ft. long behind the vacuums, and the southern facing solar panels (38.3 ft high at the top) will become our focal point while outdoors.

The property at 469 has only one entrance, and would require two access points onto Glenmore Rd, should the proposal proceed to conclusion. In the report to City Council, the City Planner stated “ that the city would be prepared to give up its maintenance driveway access in exchange for maintenance access to the detention pond through the subject property”. 

Sandalwood residents are puzzled by the fact that we are only allowed one access to our community (141 homes), and one EMERGENCY access onto Glenmore.

There is an elementary school situated across Glenmore, with a pedestrian crosswalk to the east side of Glenmore, setting the scene for some major accidents.

Glenmore traffic is quite heavy at times, and will only increase in this area, as more development takes place.
Back-up lineups could occur on Glenmore as customers line up to enter the car wash lot, as there is little room for excess vehicles.

Edna Hatch

Editor's note: The car wash is at public hearing tonight, Apr. 15, at 6 p.m. in Kelowna council chambers.

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