Letter: Emotions Run High

To the editor:

I especially blame Marc Crawford as he knows that Bertuzzi is an intense player with a temper, incredible strength, and a score to settle. Another thing that I find really offensive is how Canuck fans have turned on Bertuzzi.

Anyone who has ever cheered for Bertuzzi when he injured someone with a "clean" hit, and then called him a raging maniac for Monday's incident is both hypocritical and unrealistic. Part of Bertuzzi's job and what makes him so good is that he is feared by other players.

As an avid hockey fan and a mother of two hockey players, I have strong opinions on the Todd Bertuzzi incident. There are so many aspects to this horrible act that I find it extremely frustrating to listen to what others have to say about it. First, I do agree that Bertuzzi committed a serious lack of judgment and inability to control his anger or emotions.

Unfortunately he, his team, his fans, and of course Scott Moore, are all having to pay a hefty terrible price. Although I am a huge Canucks fan, I have to admit that I think the suspension is harsh but fair. Having said that, there have also been, in my opinion, some very unfair comments and judgments made against Todd Bertuzzi.

Although I do not think that Steve Moore deserved to be put in hospital, I certainly do not think of him as a poor defenseless victim. I am outraged that he did not face even a minor penalty for his malicious, sneaky attack on Markus Naslund. That whole incident was almost as dirty, however more cleverly executed, as Bertuzzi's.

If you actually watched the game on Monday night you can certainly understand how something like this can happen. With the score so one-sided and with the extreme number of fights and altercations, tempers were flaring. Putting Moore and Bertuzzi out on the ice at the same time with 5 minutes left in the game was like putting fresh blood in a shark tank. Absolutely stupid.

He is expected to be physical. What we have to remember is that these guys playing this game are human beings, they make mistakes, they too are capable of doing stupid things. These guys are being paid ridiculous amounts of money, which makes regular folks like us think that they are super-humans who are somehow supposed to be perfect. Only the opposite true. Excessive salaries lead to greater intensity, more pressure, higher expectations, which can often lead to indiscretions and failure.

Our family has chosen to use this incident as a way to teach our children about humanity, accountability and forgiveness. Todd Bertuzzi made a stupid, harmful mistake that he regrets and is truly sorry for. He is accepting responsibility for his actions. Treat him like a human being. We are hoping that he is able to overcome this and be back playing as soon as possible.


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