Safety on Pelmewash

As a resident of Lake Country I am both very happy about the new highway while also, like most, very disappointed by the new interchanges.

I often use the north interchange and will likely need to replace my front driver-side tire far sooner than I ever would have had to with the old configuration, the 180 degree turns are extremely impractical and have proven dangerous in the winter months. The concrete barrier has been broken through more than once on the east side, and I've seen a number of cars slip into the ditch on the west side.

When travelling southbound and entering into Oyama, the amount of hard corners and stop signs make it feel as though you're accessing a small side road rather than a main thoroughfare which provides community access for numerous residents.

The highway itself will make a vast improvement in the busy summer months by keeping traffic flowing, and is far more safe then the old route along the lake, so I will happily commend the planners for that.

Some of the suggested safety improvements sound as though they will in fact help, but simply seem like band-aid solutions. For a project that was such a long time coming, I would have expected the design to have been much more thoughtfully considered.

Cody Walsh

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