Pain at the pump

Recently an Economist wrote into the Daily Courier regarding the high price of gas in the Okanagan and how it has to be that high or else the people running the service stations, will not earn a proper living.

How can service stations all over the rest of the province sell gas for less than the Okanagan? As of Sunday morning on Gasbuddy.com Victoria--$129.9, Abbotsford--$126.9, Vancouver--$133.9 (with a $.10 transit tax), Kamloops--$123.9 and Prince George--$127.9. Are these service stations going broke? 

We, in the Okanagan, are getting gouged, no question about it. Our politicians will do nothing about it at all. Even with having the leader of the party with a seat in West Kelowna, still nothing. She's too concerned with "natural gas" instead of "automotive gas". I have even met with Norm Letnick about this and he says it boils down to no competition, like Costco.

The thing is, if you don't have an Amex card, or a Costco membership, you can't get gas there. Superstore offers $.07 per litre for shopping in store, but you have to have a PC Mastercard to get the benefits. Safeway, the same. It becomes an easy excuse because we don't have a Costco gas bar here (only one in Kelowna). When will the people we elect get a proper answer to this problem for us?

What is wrong with the people of BC? We are being taken advantage of by the people we elect to run our province. Tax, tax, tax and then more tax. They would never run their own affairs like they run ours. Once at the "trough" there's no holds barred. Only a few are getting found out about with their lavish spending of our money.

WAKE UP BRITISH COLUMBIANS !!!!!!!! Bug the hell out of your MLA's and try and get the media involved.

Bob Harris

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