Pelmewash backlash

Whoever designed/engineered this stretch of the highway did not put much thought into it, but in all fairness they undoubtedly had input from the District of Lake Country, who continually shows bad judgment in the majority of their decisions.

Northbound on Hwy. 97 there is only a narrow shoulder to pull over on, should a vehicle breakdown or have a flat tire.  There was more consideration put into the underpass access for walking/biking than into the merge lane onto Hwy. 97, which has not only limited space for merging, but is a visual nightmare for seeing the southbound traffic to merge with.

Then there is the question of access onto Hwy. 97 northbound, should the DofLC decide to go ahead with their plan to dead end Pelmewash Pkwy. part way down, anyone accessing the south end of the Pkwy. cannot access the highway to go north.  The list goes on and on and I could too, but these are the main concerns of residents.

Christine McSorley


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