Tree lined park clearcut

Re: Tree lined park clearcut.

Dear Editor,

I take issue with the headline to this story as it relates to the photo's provided. First of all, this is hardly 'clear cut', but good job at sensationalism. A close look indicates that about six trees have been removed, the rest have no leaves. No wonder it looks barren. 

Nice caption too...."trees 'be gone', after the clearcut." Be gone? Is that English? Certainly not proper English. Is this a news story or Facebook?

Then, to top it all off we have Olga from who knows where, ranting about the tragedy of it all and how old trees are protected where she comes from. Olga, these are not heritage trees, not even close, and if you don't like it you can go back to where you came from and save the trees there.  

Just my two cents worth. 

Jeff Watson

Editor's note: 'trees be gone' is a play on 'bugs be gone' - a motto from an extermination company, implying the trees were exterminated.


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