Agreeing with the Vet

I agree with what you said John. There are many of us that will never forget what you and all the others, pioneers,vets, and countless others have done to make our country what it is today.

We owe you all a debt which can never be repaid. But rest assured there are plenty of us that will strive to correct all of the disrespect that keeps getting dumped on you true heroes. Some people have forgotten the many wars and how we all went hungry and suffered [all Countries] but sad to say that there are lots of them that hold people like you in high regard and there are others that do not.

After WW2 we had the DVA and other agencies looking after our vets and wounded and our very own vets' hospitals, but times have changed. Now we even have our soldiers committing suicide and going on welfare at army bases because they cannot exist on their basic pay. If it means anything to you John I am impressed with you and you have served us all well.

Thank You 

Dave Ogilvie

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