Canada, the greatest country?

Most Canadians now believe that democracy no longer exits in Canada. Let's get serious here! Senators are appointed by a Prime Minister regardless of their qualifications, they travel the Country to secure funds for their affiliated party on the taxpayers purse. These non-elected individuals can refuse to pass a bill that has passed the vote of elected members in the House of Commons. Their income and other expenses are considered to be excessive.

They receive free pension and medical benefits from the taxpayers and yet they can hold other jobs/businesses. Very few controls or directions are given to them. Over 70% of Canadians want the Senate abolished yet the dictatorship will not allow it and no action will be taken.

A Member of Parliament is elected by the People to serve their constituency and their country. Unfortunately when elected they are ordered to tow the party line by their Leaders. If they don’t obey, they have a party whip ready to demote them quickly. They must serve for 6 years before they can receive a pension. It is larger than most Canadians who must contribute for over 35 years. They don’t contribute to their pension plan. Oh yes their Benefits are also free!

Do you really believe that we live in a free democratic country? Dictatorship is present at most levels of Canadian activities and we call it democracy. So tell me, how much you love Canada? Is it acceptable to us because the Americans, the British and many other countries make the same mistakes? Then have the lower and mid income Canadians pay for it!

We were the best Country in the world. In the old days we had more respect for each other! We stood up for what was right! We fought for moral reasons! Today our Veterans are walking the streets suffering with PTSD after serving our Country. Their families are struggling financially. Tomorrow we look forward to getting our taxable Marijuana to ease our Canadian pain. The first part in solving a problem is to recognize that there is one!

For me, Canada is no longer the greatest Country in the world anymore, while the rich get richer.......

John Labelle

Veteran - Nova Scotia

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