Land swap - you can't eat a house.

With the recent talks of the land swap in Summerland, and the legal grow ops on agricultural land etc..  Can somebody please explain what it is the Governments, local and provincial, and residents want? 

Take a short drive down to Wanatchee and have a look around every inch of land that can be used to grow something is being used to grow. There are vineyards, orchards, market gardens, hay, cows take your pick its all growing. Canadians and BCers in this case are all complaining that we get to much Washington fruit. OH! that's too bad another farm is gone yet these same people don't want to do the work involved in growing anything.  

They complain about the East Indians & Portuguese buying up property, well if it weren't for them and a few other individuals (that are not afraid of work) BC would be covered in houses. Look at Glenmore, (marginal land is the term they all use) it's been farmed for years then all of a sudden the topsoil is stripped and sold and it's covered in houses, all for the almighty dollar. 

When will you people wake up and see what you're doing you CAN'T eat a house! Someone has to grow the food or we all starve to death. Where is this food supposed to be grown?

Would you please wake up & look at what you're doing before it's too late. ALR is just that, and for a reason. If it's a rock build on it, NOT orchard lands.

Donna Egely

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