Christy, thanks for nothing

Speaking of bullying, let us focus for a moment on our current government.  

I love how the only way for us regular folk, (and by that I mean the people not under the comfortable umbrella of the Federal and Provincial governments), to have a chance at financial independence is to spend money in government supported programs in order to get a "tax credit".  So if I spend $500 in let's say the child sports program, I may get a "credit" for like $25.  

I hope you enjoy your permanent pension for screwing the rest of us. It's times like this I think that living in Crimea would be better than the blind sighted tyranny that you promote.  Thank you Liberals, and thank you Christy.  

Thanks to your organization, and your false promotions on helping families I now pay more in taxes, both on what I earn and what I spend, am no longer eligible for free coverage under MSP, and the funny part is that I have made less this year than for the last 10 years, and I owe your government for the first time.  

Thank you so much for "looking after the little guy".

Chaz Cire



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