Sexist note to pilot

I refer to your story “Sexist Note Left For Pilot”.

What a disgrace in this day & age that such a thing should happen.

I was delighted to read that Westjet supported their pilot although in this writer’s opinion the person who was only identified as “David” clearly not brave enough to give his full name unlike the pilot, should be black listed from Westjet flights & indeed passed to other airlines so that his future travel should be by car or foot, that “he” being so competent can control.

For one moment think of the other passengers on the flight who do not want to hear such comments being made about the competency of the person in control & more than clearly capable of controlling a machine that requires a great deal of skill & ability.

Westjet have this persons details, pass it on to other airlines & have this person removed from being a passenger and then maybe he will learn some 2014 manners.

All I can write to the pilot Ms. Steacy is your response & professionalism outshine those around you & I hope you have many more years giving us grateful passengers the superb service you & your organization stand for.

As for “David” he is a disgrace to Canada as a whole.

Andrew Blake - Summerland

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