Cyclists need to pay

 As a car driver so very burdened down, to the cost of putting my vehicle on the road, (you know,..... constantly rising gasoline costs, insurance costs and points dollar signs, (thank God I personally have not had that in about 35 years) new car tires costs, doubled to outfit a vehicle for both spring, summer, fall, and environmental fees for both car tire and batteries, and now the new winter tire costs as per what the police say we motorists now need. 

I think it high time that bicyclists be forced to pay for a, new to them, but, forced on car/truck/van/semi trucks, license plate fees, to make them pay for the previous rail road line between Vernon and Kelowna, should they want to take over that many miles of non used rail line. And the costs of making that corridor should go to the cyclists alone!

As all of you Castanet readers know, I have said this over the years, but, as my shrinking wages cannot pay to indulge you, with asphalt roads, with your bicycle, which you seem to think we need to provide to you,....I think and believe that it is time you people (cyclists) paid for your own bike lanes, and yes, all by yourselves.

I also can't understand why cyclists don't have to buy any license plates, for us vehicle drivers to report your bad driving/pedaling habits to someone like ICBC, which I, (and I am sure other vehicle drivers here in Kelowna) would love to report to the RCMP or ICBC, when cyclists don't operate their bicycle to ICBC road and lawful city conduct!

Catherine Knox

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