Deliver me from Canada Post

Canada Post goes back in time.

A little background... I moved into my home on Pandosy in 1996.

Shortly afterwards, I was notified by Canada Post that I would no longer be getting home delivery because we lacked sidewalks on Pandosy.

We were now expected to collect our mail from a "community mailbox"

We continued to do this for over ten years.

In 2013 a sidewalk was build by the city and we received a letter from the Canada Post that we would be getting home delivery.

The community mailboxes would be removed, but we had to install a regulation mailbox at the front door.

As luck would have it, our house is over 100 years old and so was the door that I cut through to install a mailbox for home delivery.

Imagine my surprise when Canada Post followed up with their latest plan to end all home delivery and return to community mailboxes.


Stephen Barber


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