Paws and read planned dog bylaws

The Regional District Dog Control presented a biased presentation of their proposed Bylaw which had already passed TWO readings without public input. 

They say that an open house – in the dead of winter – for only 4 hours, depicting beautiful animals (some of which they have held in confinement for over 2 years!) is sufficient.  Their survey is said to allow public input with questions primarily related to fee changes.  Did you know about the REAL changes this Bylaw entails??  Here is what you need to know about your NEW Bylaw!

  • No more retractable leashes or any leash exceeding 2 metres regardless of the size of your dog
  • RDCO has the right to enter your home without notice or warrant
  • RDCO can charge you with all their impoundment and prosecution costs even if you’re found innocent
  • You can be fined for not reporting your friend’s unlicensed dog or any Bylaw infraction
  • You can be fined for not telling RDCO your dog has died, you have moved, or your dog has been given to a new owner
  • Your dog can be deemed aggressive or dangerous if someone says your dog caused them “emotional trauma” without any medical evidence of same
  • Your dog can be deemed aggressive or dangerous if your dog defended itself in an attack from another dog
  • An aggressive or dangerous dog is now deemed so for life
  • You are now considered the owner of any dog(s), simply by holding its leash and can be fined for any infraction of the Bylaw as its owner

These are the things Dog Control DOES NOT want to explain to the public.

Karen Stiewe

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