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"Dog Gone Mad"

Mr. Pineau seems to have his facts a little bit muddled.  Sir :.... Animal cruelty cases are handled strictly by the SPCA and has nothing to do with Bylaw Enforcement.

The SPCA in turn does not handle vicious dog cases, that is handled by Bylaw Enforcement.  Owning a dog in a city requires the dog owner to license his dog.. If a dog owner does not license his dog under the current dog bylaw , he deserves a fine.  People should familiarize themselves with the dog bylaw before considering owning a dog. Ownership and properly caring for a dog can be a costly venture just ask any responsible dog owner about that. 

Mr. Pineau suggests that there are people struggling to make ends meet, maybe those who find themselves in such dire situations should give serious consideration to not owning a dog.  

I am a firm believer that cats should be licensed. Like dog owners, cat owners should also be made responsible and accountable for their wondering felines. Some may say that a cat bylaw would never work. Calgary is one city that has a cat bylaw in place that is proven to work every bit as effectively as the dog bylaw does.   

Jim Sutherland

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