Teachers and the courts

Vernon teachers are celebrating a BC Supreme Court ruling they say will reduce class sizes, restore their bargaining rights and improve education for students.

In its zeal to please the teachers, the court failed to recognize that the BC teachers union is in violation of the teacher’s basic human rights to freedom of association.

Membership in the BC Teachers Federation (BCTF) is mandatory, giving the union an incredible lock on the teachers, who are obligated to feed the union an incredible forty million dollars in union dues every year.

The BCTF uses most of this money to fight a running battle with the BC government for control of our education system.

Those precious tax dollars would be better spent in our classrooms.

It is also incomprehensible that a judge will rule on education spending, a function that is the statutory responsibility of the government.

Governments write laws, the courts are supposed to enforce them.

The ruling clearly demonstrates how disconnected our justice system is from the real world.

Andy Thomsen

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