Dog gone mad

I'd just like to thank the Regional District for finding a new way to waste more of our tax dollars...people in the Okanagan are already struggling to make ends meet, and now the Regional District has come up with another tax grab to waste more money.  
Studies have shown Dog Licenses to be a massive waste of tax dollars...the City of Toronto for example has scrapped their program after a consultant described it as a "non-core service that costs too much".  

Toronto spends close to $2M/year to enforce a bylaw that generates only $600,000 in revenue.

It seems to me that before the Regional District wastes more of our money that a study should be done to show the benefits to dog licensing and given out to local residents...perhaps a vote should be done to see if residents see value in this service.  I would think Animal Control Officers have much better things to do like looking into cases of Animal Cruelty instead of fining people who have unlicensed dogs. 

If the Regional District has too much money and feels the need to waste it, I'm sure many of us could use a reduction in our property taxes.

Warren Pineau

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