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I've started a petition to the Canadian government to have better research and testing of GMOs before approval as well as mandatory labeling.

Many independent peer review studies have shown that GE and GMO foods have a harmful effect on the health of livestock and are directly related to increases in many serious diseases, premature death, or reproductive or developmental effects.

We need long term - not 30-90 day - studies of at least two years, to see if changes found in medium studies which suggest harmful health effects will develop into the more tragic health conditions.  We can not continue to rely on industry to do the research and thereby hand them a golden platter on which to make money at the risk of our health.  

The information and the access to products introduced, and previously approved based on the GMO industry study, needs to be open for peer review studies of a long term nature before Government approval.  

Under the constitution of Canada, we have the right to feed our families safe food. The law requires that any product that enters human bodies must be proved to be harmless through testing before being approved.  Testing by the companies who will profit by the product's sale is not enough.  Independent and scientific studies need to be conducted and are not being done presently.

Marilyn Wilson

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