Blinders on Blind Bay development

The rezone application for Blind Bay Resort was defeated this week in the CSRD board meeting. It was a surprise split vote, three in favor, three against, and no tie-breaker vote by the Chair - an automatic defeat.  Our own Area C Director favoured it and it had overwhelming community support, on record.  

The benefits of this rezone would far outweigh any concerns as the developer (Dan and Bonnie Baskill) has demonstrated concern and respect for both the lake and the neighbours.  Dan was present at the meeting and was not allowed to address the unfounded concerns.  The three Area Directors who voted against the rezone had not done their homework/research, have no understanding of the the Blind Bay area, the development nor the heart and integrity of this family.  

We are sending the message that the South Shuswap is closed for business and we are certainly not offering any sense of future to our upcoming generation of youth who would love to remain in this area but will not be able to do so if there continues to be a lack of opportunity and blatant disregard for the voice of the people. 

I would urge the CSRD to rethink the conduct of their meetings and decision making process, recall and approve this application promptly before irreparable harm befalls the family and the community.

Sandra Reutlinger

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