Dolphin kill in Japan

Taiji Dolphins

If they refuse to stop torturing and killing them despite the massive worldwide outcry, one can only hope that every ounce of Taiji dolphin flesh ultimately consumed by the barbaric humans responsible for their murders is heavily concentrated with the nuclear waste that is continually being dumped daily and unimpeded into the Pacific by Japan, to the detriment of all living things on this planet.  

Maybe that's an extreme way to get them to stop, but obviously harder measures need to be taken to have Japanese stop this senseless slaughter of such intelligent, defenceless creatures, including their horrific annual slaughter of whales,  and have them finally clean up their nuclear catastrophe, because after all these years, they just don't seen to give a damn what the rest of the planet thinks or how they are continuing to contribute daily to the irreversible contamination of all living things on this Earth.

Cynthia Preston

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