Re: Happy Hour

Happy Hour is nothing new. It was abolished when our new drinking laws came into effect. 

The new laws prohibited licensed establishments from promoting alcohol through so call “promotions” like Happy Hour and it has gone a long way to kill business in this Province.  I personally am glad to see some common sense returning to the arena.  It is not going to put more drunks on the road. 

If someone wants to drink to excess and then drive they will do it in spite of Happy Hour.  As for kids in bars, I grew up in BC and was always allowed in the Pub with my dad while he had a few beer.  I have had my own kids, when they were little, sit with me while having a beer, no harm done. 

Most parents are not going to take their kids to a raunchy establishment with them but only to a friendly, neighbourhood style pub.  Having run a licensed pub recently I can attest to the fact that BC’s liquor laws have killed business. 

I don’t mean chased away the ones who drink to excess but the families who come for a quick burger and beer and may have their kids with them or the parent in the small town who just wants to stop for a cold one but can’t because their son or daughter is under age.  Good change in my opinion. 

Go to Europe and take a look at how they handle alcohol. You will see minors in licensed establishments with their parents,  no harm done.

Debbie Fortais

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