Sour on Happy Hour

I’m pretty sure I can give my eyes to medicine now that I have seen just about everything!!

“Happy Hour” in pubs and clubs, if managed properly, has my vote but to include kids into the mix is just “wrong” on so many levels.

When I was a kid, I wasn’t even able to go into a “billiard hall” until I was sixteen, mainly due to the language and general perception (whatever that was) at the time. There was no alcohol on any of these premises. Even today, pubs are gathering places for adults who often voice their frustrations of the day or brag of their latest conquests and so on, often with very colorful language that can be embarrassing to an adult never mind a child.

Taking a kid to a “family orientated” restaurant that serves booze is fine by me because the pub scenario usually doesn’t exist in most of these types of establishments and a beer with a pizza is just fine, in moderation.

Here we are trying to curtail drinking and driving and all of a sudden we want to make time for cheaper drinks which likely will mean more drinking as a result and naturally no drunks on the road…..Not!!

“Happy Hour” can be a good thing if controlled by pub staff etc., but it is definitely no place for kids.

Pubs and some clubs have always been a meeting place for adults….children should not be allowed in an adult drinking facility….period!

J. Rae

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