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Home left to burn is bad government

I just had to write to you and maybe you could pass it on to someone that would care.

As a rural firefighter in rural Ontario (retired) I am appalled with the politics in this situation.

RCMP are police, not people that fight fires and are doing a great job at what they do, fire fighters fight fires.

I wonder if that house was a local politician's home, would that still happen ?

Has nobody heard of mutual aid between departments? The priority is to put the fire out and forget about stupid politics,
whose area, who should go, etc.

We would never let that happen in our rural areas, we all come together to help each other out.

I've seen this happen before here, in the past couple of years, and think it is disgusting and must be hard for a fire captain, or chief to sit back and do what he did, because of his regional controls / bureaucracy, which forced him to do so.

We spend piles of dollars on making things look pretty downtown but when it comes to saving life's / property we don't have funds or make funds available. They were darn lucky no one was hurt in this situation.

Bill Sirman

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