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Coyote attacks dog

Coyote attacks dog in broad daylight

 While I find it horrible that people have to deal with their dogs being attacked right in front of them, and during daylight hours.. I ask this question. What did everyone think would happen? I

remember less than a decade ago, before a large portion of Sonoma pines, Sage Creek, Tallus Ridge, and the new area of Smith Creek were built... not to mention all the stores along the highway, ALL these areas were nothing but bush and forest! While I am a HUGE fan of growth within our communities and development, where did everyone think the wildlife would go?

We have pushed them out of the areas they have been in for years! They are wild animals adapting to the loss of "home", do we have the right to expect anything different in their behavior? Let's try to remember, they were here first, long before we decided to develop the land.

And perhaps this is not an out of control population, merely the same population pushed into residential areas. I agree that coyotes have become fearless, as I've had them run alongside my car on the road. It's definitely an issue that needs to be dealt with! I do not envy the ones charged with the problem solving on this one..

Veronica Fabig

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