Party house tenants will leave

Update: Wednesday, February 6: Makal Mann and Katie Poppy have agreed to end their tenancy effective March 15.

Makal Mann, Katie Poppy and her two young children are being asked to leave their Lark Street home.

This is the same house trashed by more than 200 party goers last month.

Home owner Guy Langill, an Alberta resident, issued an eviction notice to the couple Tuesday.

Mann told Castanet he received an eviction notice giving the family 20 days to leave the house.

"It's not going to happen," says Mann.

Langill is devastated. He says the house, in its current form, is not livable and in order for the necessary repairs to be made, it must be unoccupied.

He further states that what started out as a dream retirement home has turned into a nightmare.

Langill and his wife purchased the former Bed and Breakfast on Lark Street in the Upper Mission about six years ago with the hopes of moving into the home once he retired.

Once the necessary repairs are made Langill says he will likely sell it.

"As a result of what happened in the home and the pictures I have sent my wife, she can't see herself living in the home anymore," says Langill.

"We are still going to retire to the region, it just probably won't be in this home."

Langill says of immediate concern is the livability of the house as a result of damage created by those found partying.

Servicemaster owner Franco Graziani agrees, he says the house is an extreme bio hazard.

"There was urine all over the place. They spread human feces all over the carpets. There was blood on the carpets," says Graziani.

"Anytime you get into the possibility of pathogens being spread, it's what is called a category 3 bio-hazard which means it has to be removed with proper containment and any underlay has to be removed."

Graziani says he wouldn't recommend anyone living in there.

"You're talking about human waste in the carpet fibers. You cannot guarantee that has all been removed," says Graziani.

"You have a little kid playing on the carpet, they can get seriously ill. In our industry when you have a category 3 loss it's mandatory to rip that stuff out."

Graziani says his company will cover the cost of the repairs estimated at about $10,000.

In order for the house to be made livable again, Langill says the family will have to vacate the home.

"You can't do it with someone in the home. There are so many articles in the home and where do you put them," says Langill.

"Hopefully our tenants can find another location to move into as soon as possible and take themselves out of the exposure area."

In deciding to evict the family Langill admits he'll probably look like the bad guy but says it's something that he needs to do.

"I think it's in their best interest to get out of the home as quickly as possible. In this case the house is not fit to live in and you can't clean it, in its current condition," says Langill.

"I did talk to them about it Saturday that we have to clear the residence in order for repairs to begin. This is probably the best thing that we can do right now for everybody."

Langill says because he and his wife no longer wish to reside in the home once repairs are made he feels there is no point in renting out the home.

"Now is the time where we both have to sit back and say this is a new chapter in Katie and Makal's life and in our lives."

Langill's homeowners insurance policy only covers the damage done as a result of the flooding from the upstairs toilet and not the random damage inflicted by the party goers.

He says that expense falls on the shoulders of the renters and, if they can't afford to pay, on him as the homeowner.

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