Rescued man says thanks

4 p.m. Update: One of the rescued men in today's search sent us this statement.

"Hello I was one of the two men who was missing last night. We only left the truck to meet my friends' mother on the main road after we had become stuck on our way back to town, we then called again when we had taken a wrong turn and become lost.

We were relatively close to the truck, however we were not prepared for the weather as we were just a bit excited to test the newly fixed truck. 

So let it be learned that even experienced outdoors men with reference points can still loose their way in deep snow.

Thank you to all the men and women who helped look for us, and the officers that found us."

Search and Rescue crews were called to look for two men aged 21 and 24 who were reported missing after going out to 4x4 late Tuesday night.

Their truck was stuck and they decided to try and make it back to town.

One of the men called a family member when they realized they were lost after trying to walk out.

The family member went looking for them and when the cell phone went dead, they called the police.

Search and Rescue was called out and the RCMP helicopter, Air 3 went up at first daylight. According to Dave Crawford with Search and Rescue the men were not well equipped to deal with January weather conditions.

"They got their vehicle stuck or broke down and decided to walk back, but they didn't follow the road, and ended up following the wrong road," says Crawford.

Crews began searching at 6 a.m. Wednesday morning and by 9 a.m. the two were located by a helicopter under a power line by KVR near a gravel pit.

Crawford says it is extremely lucky the helicopter was available.

"I don't believe they experienced frostbite or hypothermia, but I bet they were cold and shaken up."

The helicopter transferred the men to the airport where they met an ambulance and they were taken to hospital for observation.

RCMP say it’s important to note that this story could have ended very poorly for these two men. They are very lucky that they were spotted when they were despite having left their vehicle.  One of the rules of any outdoor adventure is to be prepared with proper clothing and supplies and to stay where someone can find you.

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