Poll on poles

A Castanet poll on January 10 asked readers “Do you like the new light poles on Bernard?”

Of the 3162 votes submitted, 1542 replied ‘yes’ and 1620 said ‘no’.

Only 48% answered that they did in fact like the new structures and letters sent to Castanet reflect an overall negative sentiment.

“In my opinion these poles are NOT attractive, they do nothing to enhance the new Bernard,” said Lynda Bell.

Those new poles on Bernard Avenue look like we are in a war, so stark and military like.  And UGLY!!!,” exclaimed Carole Kormendy.  “Why could they not use the same type of poles as on Abbott Street? The people that make the big bucks to make the decisions at City Hall failed us miserably on this one.”

“Come on, this is a joke,” said Colin Banfield.  “How can anyone design something so hideously ugly?  I hate to think what this has cost tax payers."

Still, not everyone agrees that the new light poles are unattractive.

“I like them,” said Carl Bo.  “If they cost a lot, though, my opinion could change.”

“They’ve got a nice, clean look,” said Mark Long.  “Modern is good.”

Karl Klann said, “All-in-all I really like the new street lights and the sidewalk improvements.”

Kelowna city spokesperson Kelly Kay reminds residents that the new poles are not yet finished and have several public art components that still need to be installed before they are complete.

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