Favourite Christmas movies

In a Castanet poll - 'A Christmas Carol', and 'It's a Wonderful Life' are still readers' favourite Christmas movies. There are many others some turn to year after year for entertainment during the holiday season.

We asked people to send us their thoughts for holiday movies.  In letters to the editor ([email protected]) people told us why they picked their flicks.

Marilynn Dawson says: My favourite Christmas movie is 'The Muppet Christmas Carol' followed by 'The Nativity' released in the last few years.

The 'Muppet Christmas Carol' is special to me because I grew up watching The Muppet Show with my family, so when this movie came out, it became the family "event" after the reading of Luke Chapter 2.

'The Nativity' has become a close second because it's a very realistic portrayal of the events that took place surrounding the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  The movie gives a bit of comic relief in the behaviour of the travelling magi.

Karis Duncalfe writes: I would certainly say that my favourite flick is one not included in your poll - 'It is A Charlie Brown Christmas'. This movie does wonders in entertaining everyone in the room.

Its witty social commentary is blended with a generous dose of lovable characters, memorable tunes and a unique plot.

This is also one Christmas story that really hits the target as to why we celebrate on Christmas day. Its heart is not lost in cheap gags or marketing ploys, but is instead highlighted in the climax of the film.

This classic Christmas story that reflects what is meant to be the focus of the Christmas season, peace, joy, fellowship with the people you love, and above all: Christ coming down as a baby to save his world.

Christmas wouldn't be the same without 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'.

From Karla Hagel and Vincent Cummings: Our favourite Christmas movies! This sparks a conversation between my husband and I every year, usually leading to late sleeps and early rises just to squeeze in another showing of our favourite - or to battle out which one is actually the best!

Hagel says, 'The Santa Clause' (With Tim Allen) is the best. Probably because this is the movie I grew up with as a kid. And every night as a kid leading up to Christmas, I'd have to remind dad not to scare Santa off the roof, and if he did he had to wake me up. Plus, I really wanted a pet reindeer. I still want a pet reindeer.

My husband chose 'Christmas with the Kranks'! I have no idea why. And when I ask him, he has no idea why. "I like the big frosty...we should start a big frosty tradition." That's the answer I get. Haha. I honestly think that one year he wants to skip Christmas, just because we don't have any kids, and he has two dozen nephews and it's quite stressful.

To tell you the truth, he's secretly planning on skipping Christmas next year, like the Kranks, and he's just getting some tips from them - mostly what not to do. We'll see though, maybe I'll be in Hawaii this time next year!!, writes Hagel.

Barb Mercer sent us this letter: My favourite Christmas movie is : 'In search of Santa Paws'. It has Christmas magic in the movie. What is Christmas without imagination after all, it is important for our children and grandchildren.

And then there is this from Johnny Nielsen: 'Love Actually'… best Xmas movie ever.

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