Horse down? Call firefighter

"Anything happens, and people don't know how to deal with it, they call us," - Kelowna Platoon Capt. Scott Cronquist.

On any given day, the life of a firefighter could swing from nothing, waiting for a call, to rolling up on a farm where a horse has been trapped under a fence that fell down, or maybe even trying to get a parrot or cat down from a tree.

Just last week, Kelowna fire crews were called to a scene in the Feeny Road area. They weren't too sure what the call was about until they got on scene and realized it was for a horse trapped under a fence that had fallen.

"There was a vet on scene so we cut up the fence got the horse back on its feet and went on about our business," says Cronquist. "Guys are used to that because we get those calls and you have to deal with what you have coming in."

"I've been to a few calls like that over the course of my career. One time, we got a call for a horse upside down, stuck between two boulders. It was on its back between two boulders. I have no idea how it got there but the vet gave it a shot to calm it down and we got it turned around and out of a bad spot and on its way."

Cronquist says every situation is different, there's no one right way to deal with all the different scenarios firefighters have to deal with.

"Lots of different things have gone on. We rescue ducks from drains and we're more than happy to do it because it helps our community and it helps the critters in our community."

Not every call is for a burning building but thanks to men like Cronquist and firefighters everywhere, even the littlest critters in the Okanagan have some backup.

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