Sun Rype revamped

There is something new pouring at Sun Rype.

It is something a little healthier, with less sugar but no compromise on taste which is exactly what consumers are looking for, according to Marketing Manager of Food, Barb Broder.

“Some of the new products we are working on are a new brand called Frullo, and this is great for everyone in the family,” says Broder. “It’s 50 per cent less calories, and less sugar and it’s sweetened with a natural sweetener called Stevia.”

Another recently launched brand is Slim, Sun Rype’s answer to a super low calorie beverage at 10 calories per serving.

Enhanced nutrition and eating for better health has been an area of exploration for Sun Rype, explains Broder.

“We’ve launched a new brand called FruitActiv, and it has a range of snack bars as well as juices in that brand,” she says. “We have a brand that has Lutein in it which is called ‘bright eyes’. Lutein is beneficial in helping your eyes and eye health as you age.”

Sun Rype is also diving into the energy bar sector, with a new product, called Okanagan Energy. It is made with pea protein, a plant based protein that is easy to digest without some of the allergen issues associated with other proteins.

As it turns out, Sun Rype isn’t only revamping it’s health benefits it has also undergone a face lift, and revealed a new look.

Dave McAnerney, President and CEO of Sun Rype, says after two years of compiling consumer research the old tetra paks have been revamped into a better Elopak.

“We are excited because it is really the first of its kind in North America, it has improved functionality over the previous pak that we ran, it has a larger opening and it is resealable. Consumers were telling us ‘we like the package, it has environmental benefits but it would be nice if it was resealable’.”

Taking Okanagan fruit on a bit of twist, Sun Rype is also releasing a type of adult alternative juice, Rider Cider.

Launched one month ago by Sun Rype in collaboration with Big Surf brewing, McAnerney says the partnership is a great marriage of different skill sets.

“We saw a significant growth in the cider business, as a major apple processer in both Washington state and Canada, we got a whole lot of requests for apple juice from cider companies so we thought this might be a great opportunity for Sun Rype to do more with Okanagan fruit.”

Sun Rype has been working on these new products for over 18 months to improve their growth strategy which is taking place right here in Kelowna.

“We have made a recent investment of seven million dollars to put in a new juice filling line,” says McAnerney. “I think it really shows our commitment and for anyone who wonders where we are operating, it is a strong reminder that we are still right here in Kelowna. We haven’t moved to Toronto or Vancouver like rumours ‘suggest’.”

Sun Rype has been in operation for 68 years and employes over 300 workers locally. 

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