Legal super sized grow-op

It's being recognized as the most up-to-date, sterile and most efficient medical marijuana grow operation in the province and perhaps, even the country.

Located in an industrial zone of Kelowna, Green Leaf Technologies is considered a super sized medical marijuana grow operation and at 16,000 square feet the company may get up to 10 times larger.

Health Canada will implement new rules surrounding medical marijuana and commercial licensing starting April 1.

Bob 'K', of Green Leaf Technologies says the commercial licensing that is unrolling will allow the commercial user/grower to be able to produce unlimited plant structure.

"Based on their license application, whatever that might be for them, some may apply for a million plants, some may apply for $60,000 plants and some may apply based on square footage."

Green Leaf Technologies increased their plant structure by growing on behalf of people with medical marijuana licenses.

However once the new rules come into affect those who are dependent on medical marijuana will no longer be able to receive it from Health Canada or apply for a license to grow, instead they must rely on commercial growers which some say could be costly.

Yet, Bob 'K' disagrees.

"In a controlled commercial market I personally see the price dropping. I know that is something that scares a lot of people," he explains. " I think we may see that happen and then it will level out and maybe it will gain some increase."  

According to Health Canada the commercial model will also make cannabis use safer and more secure.

Green Leaf production manager Winston Butt believes that to be true.

He says Green Leaf Technologies is bringing a clean marijuana to the market that is not sprayed with chemicals.

"If you have respiratory problems you don't have to worry about breathing in anything into your system that is going to do more harm. We do our best to make sure everything is clean and organically done."

With the new regulations set to increase commercial grow operations, it also means more jobs for the industry and according to Butt working for Green Leaf is a career of a lifetime.

"It is definitely my dream job, I thought my last job was, but it wasn't. Not till I got here and realized how fun this is and the people we work with it is an excellent environment."  

Medical marijuana is estimated to be a 1.5 billion dollar industry and growing. As for Green Leaf Technologies they are one of 250 companies seeking a license under the new regulations which take place in the spring.

--- With files from CTV


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